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2 Zone Mixer Amplifier 60W/120W/240W                               



The Two Zone Mixer Amplifier is an economical solution for small to medium installations including small restaurants, factories, offices, warehouses, schools, sports centers etc. It offers outstanding performance and features microphone and auxiliary inputs. Output level is monitored via the LED VU meter. There are three balanced XLR inputs. Two RCA stereo inputs and one RCA output are provided on the rear panel. It has 24V DC battery backup. It suits 70/100 V or low impedance (4-16 Ohm) speakers.


  • 60W /120W / 240W Rated Power
  • 2 Zone Output
  • Zone On / Off Selector
  • Master Volume Control
  • Treble, Bass Volume Control
  • 3 * MIC Volume Control
  • 2* AUX Volume Control
  • 3*Balanced XLR MIC Inputs with 24V Phantom Power, MIC /Line Select Switch
  • 2*Auxiliary Input
  • 1* Auxiliary Output
  • Built-in Chime
  • 3 Short Circuit Trigger Signal including Phone, Emergency and Chime
  • Emergency Signal Connector
  • Telephone Signal Connector
  • LED VU Meter
  • Mute Function
  • 70V/100V or Low Impedance (4-16 Ohm) Output

Two Zone Mixer Amplifier  HMA-3240A
Two Zone Mixer Amplifier HMA-3240A-Back

Model HMA-3060A HMA-3120A HMA-3240A
Rated Power 60 W 120 W 240 W
Protection 1A ac fuse 2A ac fuse 5A ac fuse
Weight 8.7KG 10.3KG 14KG
Dimensions 435mm*430mm*100mm 435mm*430mm*100mm 435mm*430mm*100mm
Power Supply 230Vac ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Distortion < 1% @ rated Outputs, 1kHz
Bass Control -10/+10 dB @ 100 Hz
Treble Control -10/+10 dB @ 10 KHz
Frequency Response 50 Hz – 20 kHz (+1/-3 dB @ -10 dB ref. rated Outputs)
3*MIC Input XLR, balanced, 24V Phantom Power (ON/OFF Switch);  Sensitivity:5 mV;Impedance:>1K Ohm;S/N:>60dB.
2*AUX Input RCA stereo socket bridged mono; Sensitivity:775 mV; Impedance:10K Ohm;S/N:>75 dB
Emergency Input Screw terminals; Sensitivity:300 mV; Impedance:10K Ohm;S/N:>75 dB.
Tel Input Screw terminals; Sensitivity:300 mV; Impedance:600K Ohm;S/N:>75dB.
1*Output RCA Mono; Impedance:600 Ohm; Output Level:775mV.
Speaker Outputs Screw terminals, 70V/100V;4~16ohm
Control Treble, bass ,Mic1Vol, Mic2 Vol,MIC3 Vol,AUX1 Vol,Aux2 Vol, Master Vol, Zone Selector, Tel Vol, Emc Vol, Chime Vol, Mute Vol, LED Contrast and  On/OFF Switch, Zone selector,Emc、Mode Switch,Mute Switch, Mic1、Mic2、Mic3 phantom power ON/OFF switch
Indicators VU-meter ( LEDs for -10,-5,0,3 and 6dB)
Relative Humidity < 95%
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +45°C