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8*8 Matrix Controller  HMC-8000 (Coming soon)

  • 8×8 Matrix Controller HMC-8000 is a 3.5 rack unit that offers flexibility for multizone paging and source routing applications, 8 program inputs are available to each of 8 zone outputs.
  • HMC-8000 provides a comprehensive LED status indication feature for program/local input selection, zone output level, paging enable/disable and network busy. Apart from the conventional functions, HMC-8000 also offers additional features including inter-zone paging, emergency alarm keypad for each zone, alarm extension function, security etc.
  • HMC-8000 is expandable to 32 zones. Paging stations are available in 8, 16 or 32 zone models allowing paging into any individual zone, any combination of zones or All-Call. Remote control panels are also available, allowing source selection and volume control from within each remote zone.
  • Both paging stations and remote control panels are connected via industry standard CAT5 cables.
  • HMC-8000 is ideal for factory, school, apartment, bank, restaurant and other middle to large commercial and non-commercial spaces.

8*8 Matrix Controller  Features

  1. Multiple sound source input, 8 Channel BGM inputs, Remote MIC, Scene control panel, 8 zones outputs up to 32 extended zones allowed.
  2. Each HMC-8000 can be connected with 8 remote MICs and 8 remote control panels. Intercom can be made between remote MIC and remote control panel.
  3. Independent remote control panel can be used as a remote source selector, volume control, and local sound source input.
  4. Emergency linkage function is available which can be set via computer. Early warning and Alert models are available.
  5. Emergency function is available. In case the help short circuit triggers the system, it will give out warning tone in set zones, which is able to assist the listener to confirm the position of the help seeker.
  6. Built-in audio monitor speaker and voltage meter.
  7. Multiple priority levels are available to ensure emergency circumstances are handled at highest priority. Priority sequence: Emergency > Help > Main amplifier paging (hand MICs and chime MICs) > Remote paging, Scene control panels > BGM.
  8. Remote network control, status indicator, system configuration.

Matrix Controller HMC-8000
Matrix Controller HMC-8000-Back

8*8 Matrix Controller  Specification

Main Power Supply Voltage 230/115VAC,  ± 15%, 50/60 Hz
Battery power supply Voltage 24V; Current Max. 3A
Protection 5Aac fuse
Distortion < 1% @ rated Outputs, 1kHz
Audio Output × 8 Screw terminals, balanced; Impedance: < 600 ohm; Output level: 0.775V
Music  Input × 8 Screw terminals, balanced; RCA, unbalanced; Sensitivity: 5mV(mic); 0.775V (line); Impedance: < 10k ohm
Remote control panel input × 8 Screw terminals; Communicatioin:RS485, 9600bps; Line input:1V, balanced’ Impedance: 600 ohm; DC out: 24V, 100mA.
 Front panel paging MIC input  5-din socket, unbalanced; Sensitivity: 0.775V (line).
Back panel paging MIC input (Front panel paging MIC input disabled) XLR, balanced; Sensitivity: 5mV(mic), 0.775V (line); Impedance: < 10k ohm
Link In DB 37, balanced; Sensitivity: 0.775V
Link Out DB 37, balanced; Output level: 0.775V
Remote RJ45; Communication: RS485, 9600bps; Line input:1V, balanced; Impedance: 600 ohm
SD FAT32; Max. 4G, Format:.Mp3
Fire In, Help In  Screw terminals, balanced; Trigger mode: No-voltage make contact input, Momentary or latching; Open voltage: 5V DC.
 Short-circuit output  Screw terminals
Current Max. 1A
Emc in Screw terminals, balanced; Impedance: 10k ohm; Sensitivity:  0.775V
Frequency Response BGM  20 Hz ~ 20k Hz; MIC 100 Hz ~ 10 Khz.
S/N BGM better than 75 dB; MIC better than 60 dB.
T.H.D BGM less than 0.1%; MIC less than 1%.
Priority Control Paging Mic > EMC > Remote > HMR- ×× > BGM
Serial Interface (RS-485) Communication Distance maximum 1,000 m
Weight 8.2 KG
Dimensions 386mm *430mm * 152mm


Youtube — Homony Commercial Audio: 8*8 Matrix Controller