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Alert/Evac/Bell Controller HAEB-010A  



  • Setting up the bell system easily and quickly, maximum 99 bells can be set up every day
  • Suitable for any equipment, such as bells, speaker etc.
  • Local and remote operation of Bell, Evac, Alert
  • The controls of Bell, Evac, Alert on the front panel
  • The SD card has Bell, Evac, Altert Tone, which can be customised
  • Remote MIC, max 1,000 meters
  • Priority level: Alert  > Evac  > Bell
  • MIC volume control with mute function, priority level: MIC 1 > MIC 2 > MIC 3
  • Built-in monitor speaker with volume control function

AEB Controller HAEB-010A

AEB Controller HAEB-010A-Back


Power Supply 230 Vac ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz
Max Power   40 VA  
Protection 5A ac fuse
Frequency Response 50 Hz ~ 20 k Hz (+1/-3 dB @ -10dB ref. rated outputs)
Current Output Each unit max 2A; Total less than 5A  
Relay Output  Max current 1A  
SD  Card Max: 16 G, FAT format
MIC Input    XLR, balanced; 24V phantom power (on/off switch); Sensitivity: 5mV (mic); Impedance: < 10k ohm; S/N: > 60dB.
Line Input   RCA stereo socket bridged mono; Sensitivity: 775 mV; Impedance: < 10k ohm; S/N: > 75dB
Output   RCA stereo socket bridged mono; Sensitivity: 775 mV; Impedance: 600 ohm
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +45°C
Relative Humidity  < 95%
Weight   9.02KG 

Youtube — Homony Commercial Audio: Alert/Evac/Bell Controller