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Our Product Range


Homony offers a broad array of audio products to suit a wide range of applications. The products include  Audio Matrix Systems, All in one BGM & Public Address Systems, Management Amplifiers, Pre Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Ceiling speakers and other commercial audio products.  The systems are extendable from a single zone to about 120 zones with the help of routers.

Homony’s All in one BGM & Public Address systems come with a built-in CD/DVD drive, USB ports and FM/AM tuner. There is a flexibility to select five zones and independently adjust the volume of each zone.  It enables to extend the functionality to a maximum of 20 zones.

Homony’s Management Amplifier provides an economical solution for small to mid-sized applications and is suitable for single zone and five zone applications. It operates in 60W/120W/240W power range.

Homony’s Mini Amplifier is a light weight small-size amplifier which can be easily installed and maintained in small areas such as restaurants, retail shops, classrooms, etc.

Homony’s Mixer Amplifier is a highly cost-effective mixer power amplifier suited for broadcasting paging or music in schools, office buildings, shops and factories. It comes with an additional battery backup feature and can be used in a wide array of power rating starting from 60W to 350W. 2 channel mixer is a low cost, lightweight and convection cooling application which delivers power ranging from 120W to 240W.

Homony’s Pre Amplifier and Power Amplifiers provide an economical solution to effectively reduce noise and interference. It is highly flexible, easy to operate, provides highest level of audio performance, high efficiency and high power output.

With products distributed in over 100 countries, Homony’s audio products cater to a variety of applications that ranges from small, midsized to larger areas including classrooms, boardrooms, community centres, shopping malls, factories, supermarkets and schools.

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