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About Us

For over 25 years, Homony has been in the core of the professional audio industry. Homony provides a full range of audio equipment that suits a variety of uses. The growing success of our commercial audio systems has encouraged us to diversify our product portfolio.

Our core values

Homony is coined from the word “harmony” to symbolize the pleasing effect experienced by the customers from our high-quality products. The rationale behind every Homony product is based on the “4R” core principle.

• Reliability: Establish new standards in terms of reliability and performance
• Responsibility: Being highly responsible in our effort to provide excellent products and professional service
• Reasonable: Offering truly professional performance at an economical price as to suit every customer
• Research: Keep researching and innovating and use advanced technologies to produce high quality audio products

To be a global leader in providing high quality audio products. This will be achieved in line with our mission to innovate and research the latest technologies. We aim to become a trusted partner for our customers  by offering them a comprehensive audio solution.

Production facility
Homony’s manufacturing plant is a 6000m² fully-equipped facility. Over 150 staff are complemented by 30 engineers including sound engineers, software engineers, industrial design engineers and simulation application engineers. They work tirelessly to provide high quality audio products.

Global reach
With its growing success, Homony has expanded geographically and has set up subsidiaries in Germany, South Africa and the US. Today Homony sells its products worldwide and the company is planning to expand further into Australasia, Asia, South East Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.